3D Printer Update

Well, this is typical… I finally got the printer to put down some filament and even started to get the levelling dialled in… But, I discovered that one of the bed levelling springs were not releasing properly. This was causing the bed to “slip” out of level when being adjusted.

Need More parts…

So now I have to order some replacement springs. I need them to be shorter so that the Home position is higher. This is to compensate for the glass bed I installed. (the glass bed “raised’ the surface by 3 mm) I can’t get the bed lowered enough to ensure the nozzle does not crash into the glass when homing everything. The existing springs won’t compress enough to lower it.

You can never order just one thing…

I had to order springs, and it was going to cost more to ship them than the springs themselves. So, I decided to add a few things to the list I originally hadn’t planned on. I added the Micro Swiss MK10 All Metal Hotend Kit with Slotted Cooling Block. (this allows for higher temps and more consistent flow of the filament) also had a metal upgrade for the extruder plate and lever, so I added that as well. I had also noticed a small crack in the cooling fan frame earlier. I decided I should replace the fan with a new one while I was ordering parts.

And so the waiting begins… Again

In the end, I added a bunch of spare socket head cap screws. One replacement extruder gear, and a few other odds and ends to make the shipping cost worthwhile. I am now waiting, again for more parts to show up. Then I can continue attempting to resurrect the printer.

I will get this thing working, even if it means rebuilding the whole darn printer… As long as I’m having fun right??