I’m an just an everyday “Joe” I posses both A+ and Network + certifications, and I have a passion for all things computer related!

I truly enjoy teaching people about their PCs, and the various types of productivity software that is used on a day to day basis by “most” people.

I dabble in all sorts of stuff, both computer related and not… I currently work for a Foundry/Sign Production Company, and have been trained in quite a few areas of production.

I operate a large format Printer used for printing both small and large size jobs. Everything from signs/logos to way-point signage. Learning this has been one of my biggest challenges at the company to date.

I also have been trained as a small CNC operator, I have engraved small plaques, signs, created 3D photosculpts, and I even understand and can create ADA compliant signage (including Braille).

I have to say though that my passion lies in working on my computer, I create 3D scenes and pictures using Poser, lightwave, 3D studio Max and a few other software suites… I’m not a master of any of them, but “dabble” in them for personal enjoyment.

Finally, I also have some pretty advanced skills in website design, optimization, and the creation of web ready graphics. I have tonnes to learn, but am really in no rush, as the journey is just as important as the destination. I learn what interests me, and “farm out” what doesn’t.


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