Estevan Junior High

So, feeling a bit nostalgic I decided to see if my old junior high school was still around and if they had a website to check out. After about 20 mins or so of having no luck, I came across this site:, where I found out that my old school was no longer a school…

Opened in Sept 1969
In 1979 , the Public School District assumed trusteeship of the Estevan Collegiate Institute, and became Estevan School Division No. 95
This School closed in June 2003.
It was demolished in March 2005
Now townhouses, and private residences are on this property.

Turns out my old high school was retired back in 2003, and then demolished a couple of years after that. Too bad, as was a nice solid building back in its day. It had great big fields all around it, which is probably why it’s now been converted to residences…

I remember, there was this little mom and pops shop across the field and street, we used to go over and hang out during our “free” periods. They had an awesome pop fountain that allowed you to choose multiple flavors and have them pour “mixed” drinks for you…. Non alcoholic drinks , but still damn good on the hot days at the end of the year.

I also came across this website . Doug Gent has done an amazing job of tracking and remembering all the schools and their histories on his site. Course his “memories” are a bit older than mine are, but he’s done an excellent job and I figured I’d include his link here in my post.

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