Windows Upgrade to Ver1909

So, I finally managed to get the windows 1909 update to finally install. I’d tried numerous methods to get this to work up to this point, but none of them did the trick.

  • I did a full driver check and update
  • I ran the windows update repair tool, twice
  • I even tried the suggested method of using the media creation tool to install.

But, each time it got “stuck” at 48% and I’d have to shut off the puter and make it roll back the update.

I got to thinking about things, and that I had run into the same problem when I tried to update to the 1809 version. It took me a lot of attempts that time as well. Anyway I walked away from the puter and just let things “percolate” for the rest of the day.

After a reasonably goods nights sleep, I sat down at the puter with a fresh cup of coffee and started digging into my memories while randomly opening and closing various tech-site’s online (yes this does actually work, at least for me). After doing this for about 30 minutes or so, I hit on one site that flipped the light on… so to speak. I finally remembered how I managed to get update 1809 to install. I had created a bootable USB drive with the full version on it (not the “smaller” update thru windows update).

My ah-ha! moment almost went up in flames though, as Microsoft’s “Download Windows 10” page only gives you the option to update via Windows Update or to download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. Of which neither had been successful for me.

After letting out a few choose “words” for Microsoft, I opened up google and set about searching for an alternate way to get the “full” 1909 install ISO. As luck would have it I found this article on Basically it shows you how to “fool” the MS site into thinking you are on an iPad or iPhone. Now you might be thinking “what good is having the site think you are using an iPad”. Simply put, windows apps can not run on an iPad. So a link to a windows app would be useless, but MS still wants you to “switch to them” if they can convince you to. As a result of this, they also have an auto detect script on the page to know what browser you are using and from there they can extrapolate what O/S you are theoretically using. This works to our advantage in this instance, because all the new “chromium” based browsers have the ability to “pretend” to be another type of browser.

Long story short, I revisited the MS download page, switched my browser over to an iPad emulation, and low and behold there was a link to download the actual full 1909 ISO file.

After all that I “figured” all I had to do was create a bootable USB drive from the ISO. Reboot the computer to the drive, and start the upgrade from there… Not... One last hiccup, it turns out you can only do a clean install (total hard drive wipe, then install) from a bootable media and windows put up an error to me saying it couldn’t do an upgrade install.

I have a ton of programs and data on my system, so there was no way I was doing a clean install.

Luckily, the installer told me you can do an upgrade from inside windows using the USB stick, I just needed to skip the boot part and just run the setup from the windows desktop.

So in the end, I restarted my computer, closed down everything that was running, then ran the set-up off the USB, and voila! The upgrade finally installed without a single slow down or freeze up. I did have a moment when I rebooted and my M.2 SSD (solid state PCIe drive) disappeared for a bit, but it came back after I rebooted a second time. Seems after the install, it went online for more updated drivers, so had to be rebooted to get them fully installed.

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